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ARTECHNET is a non-profit Assotiation from and for artists. Our goals are to form, train, promote, spread and create Performing, Humanist, Technological and Scientific Arts in the framework of personalist and Community humanism, in both the traditional and the new-technologies framework.


To achieve its goals, ARTECHNET performs the following activities:

- Theater, Cinema and Dancing

- Cultural, scientific and tehcnological classrooms

- Social Media


In the variety of activities previously seen, ARTECHNET founders are able to complement each other with their wide range of different studies. Eulàlia Xalabarder Voltas (President and Co-Founder of Artechnet) is a Filologist. Joan Girbau Xalabarder (Tresourer and Co-Founder) has studies in Cinema and TV. Mercè Girbau Xalabarder (Secretary-General and Co-Founder) is studying Medicine. Joaquim Girbau Xalabarder (Vice-President and Co-Founder) is studying Material Engineering.


We think that Art can take part in our lives with no caring about what we do nor what we are. Art can be everywhere and in everyone!


In order to understand what do Art, Technologies and Humanism mean, we find necessary to explain the meaning of our Assotiation's name.


ARTECHNET is a word made of three main words: Art, Tech and Net


- ART: the word 'Art' refers to everything related to Art, from Theater and Cinema to Dance or Music


- TECH: the word 'Tech' refers to everything related to Technology, from the technical tools to produce a Theater Play or a Cinema Movie (Short, Mid or Long) to any kind of technology that lets human advance


- NET: the word 'Net' (from Catalan to English: 'Clean') refers to everything related with being respectful with both the environment and the human dignity and health. We believe that respect for both human dignity and environment are essential in any place, but specially in arts, because artists teach messages to those in front of them looking at a stage or a screen




Eulàlia is one of the four co-founders of Artechnet. 


Joaquim is one of the four co-founders of Artechnet. 




Mercè is one of the four co-founders of Artechnet. 




Joan is one of the four co-founders of Artechnet. 



Artechnet is a young assotiation, born to promote Culture, with Technologies and following a sense of Humanism. It works as a Theater company, a sort of cinema production company and as a workshop to make technology and arts melt in one, without forgetting the both moral and natural care.


The company has started its activity as an assotiation where to encourage young people to combine whatever studies they have with a more artistic angle. Our philosophy and goal is to organize and produce Theater plays and Cinema pictures on a professional level, so that those young filmmakers, actors or theater directors who are starting have an opportunity to get started.


In such a difficult world to enter such as Cinema and Theater, Artechnet wants to introduce and give an alternative way to get started!

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