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ARTECHNET is a non-profit association by and for artists. Our goals are to form, train, promote, diffuse and create Interpretative, Human, Techological and Cientific arts, in the environment of personalist and comunitarian humanism, in the traditional and new technologies framework.

In order to achieve these goals, ARTECHNET performs the following activities:

- Theatre, Cinema and Dancing

- Cultural, cientific and technological lectures

- Social Media

In the variety of these activities, the founders of ARTECHNET can mutually complement themselves with their wide range of different field studies. Eulàlia Xalabarder (President and Co-Founder of Artechnet) has a Doctorate in Filology. Joaquim Girbau (Vice-president and Co-Founder) is a Materials and Industrial Engineer. Mercè Girbau (General Secretary and Co-Founder) has a degree in Medicine. Joan Girbau (Tresourer and Co-Founder) has studied Cinema and TV.

We believe that Art can take place in our lives without mattering who we are or what we do. Art can be anywhere, and in anyone.


For understanding what Art, Technology and Humanism mean, we believe an explanation is needed for the meaning of the name of our Association.

ARTECHNET is a word composed by three main words: Art, Tech and Net

ART: the word 'Art' refers to anything related to Art, ranging from Theatre and Cinema to Dance and Music.


The Cinema, the Seventh Art, and Audiovisual in general, contain all or some of the 6 arts in one alone: Literature (idea, script), Painting (composition, photography), Arquitecture (forms, structures, scenarios), Sculpture (scenery, ambientation and atrezzo), Music (sound and original musical soundtrack) and Dancing (performance and dances).

TECH: the word 'Tech' refers to anything related to the Technology, ranging from technical tools for producing a Theatre Play or a Cinema Movie (Short or Long) to any type of technology that allows a good progress for mankind.

'Tech' also refers to the technique required for using such technology, to how to use it in order to artistically and narratively help explain an atmosphere, a sensation or for understanding and giving context to a scene or a shot.

NET: the word 'Net' (from Catalan to English: 'Clean') refers to everything related with being respectful with both human dignity and health, as much as the nature we live in. We believe that the respect both for human dignity as for our environment are essential in any labor sphere, but specially in the arts. Because artists teach messages to those that are in front of them watching a picture, a stage or a film.

But progress is not everything. Progress is not a goal that turns valid every mean. An example: a bomb is a technological progress: but not human. Because of this, in Artechnet, 'Net' will always be above both 'Tech' and 'Art'

Artechnet is a young familiar association, born to promote Culture, with Technologies and pursuing a Humanist sense. We work as a Theatre company, as a Film production company and as a workshop to fussion technology and art in one, without forgetting morality and nature caring.

The company started his activity as an association that seeks to encourage young people to combine their studies with an artistic vision. Our philosophy and goal is to organize and produce Theatre plays and Cinema films in a professional level, so that young filmmakers, actors or theatre directors that are starting out can have an opportunity to trully start out.

In such difficult industries such as Cinema and Thetre, Artechnet wants to introduce and give an alternative pathway to start!

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