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Street Artist (SHOOTING - 2019)

SynopsisPau has not given up on his dream. Pau is 44 years old. Pau is a musician. A painter. A sculptor. An artist. Pau won all the artistic prizes of his native city, Girona, being very young. He was a promising young star in the artistic world. With a very characteristic style, Pau took a firm decision: he would devote himself to the world of art. He would be musician, painter, sculptor. And he took, from then on, the pathway of art.

Nowadays, Pau is musician. And painter. And sculptor. He is also freelance, that works in a bunch of different fields: music, painting and sculpture. Pau is working in what had always been his dream: art. But maybe not exactly how he had dreamt it. Though that usually happens to all of us. In a very difficult sector to stand out, he seeks to make the people who surround him happy through his art. And, just as everybody: he, too, seeks to be happy.

Street Artist (Artista de Carrer) is an art story about the fight and perseverance, about hope and difficulty, about loneliness and community. Definitely, it is a documentary about something we all know: the sway of life. Street Artist is a documentary about the person and his daily duties, about Pau the friend, the son, the worker: about the artist and his art.

TITLE: Street Artist (Artista de Carrer)


DIRECTOR: Joan Girbau Xalabarder

EDITOR: Xavi Morcillo


ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Loris Omedes and Bausan Films

WITH THE COLLBORATION OF: Imago TV, Ajuntament de Girona, Girona Film Office

SPECIAL THANKS: Pau Morales, Loris Omedes, Carles Cardelús, Gonzalo Beltrán, Laura Merino

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