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A true story



Suffering, as death, is something that no human creature can escape. Produced by Artechnet, The Children of God is the first documentary by Joan Girbau Xalabarder.

The project seeks to give voice to those who do not have it. The forgotten ones in the ugandan rural areas. The ones who cannot speak to the world for themselves. The ones who are far away from everything. The children, men and women in the poor areas where nobody wants to go.

The Sons of God unites the children of humanity in a fraternal environment, among any race or wealth discrimination. We are all siblings, we are all children of the same God. Filmed over a short amount of time, the movie transports us to the jungle-surrounded town of Mulajje, at the heart of Uganda. We are invited to accompany a group of friends, to be one of them and think over their thoughts. By avoiding the use of interviews and using a narrator voiceover, The Sons of God subverts our expectations of a traditional social documentary, transforming it into a meditative film that easily reaches our heart and soul.

The Sons of God follows along a group of friends coming from different wealthy countries. They are in Uganda with the aim of helping the people there, and they will learn from each person they meet in their fleeting stay there. They share with the natives the best experience in the world: the experience of a loving life.

In The Sons of God the sensitive spectator will be able to live a human meditation in the heart of Africa. The documentary explores and wanders thoughts around suffering and hope, asking us questions about the nature of love among human beings. Being so much pain in the world, why would anyone bother even trying to make something about it?


The Children of God is an independent documentary by Joan Girbau Xalabarder

Music by Luis Mir Filizzola

Produced by Artechnet, ADESCI and EAEA

With the collaboration of Bloom 3D Media

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